Vase is 16 inches tall, mouth is 6 inches. With flowers about 38 inches tall.
Purchase on VS and decided against it. The silver color is a bit metallic. Snaps on side at corners. Brand new.
Decorative wrought iron (heavy!) keys. The top of the keys are animals: sheep, horse, elephant , bunny. Only used as decor so EUC.
Grey shelf with scalloped design. 12x4 inches, has indented line on top to put plates on if desired.
Bought on VS, too large for my space. Great decor. Could be spray painted!
2 rolls. One unopened is 5 yards long and 4 1/5 wide. That second roll is opened and partially used. Very cute country pattern. Sold together. They are pre-pasted.
About 18 1/2 tall. Made of thick rubber. They are from a store display from Drakkar. Two available discount if purchased together.
Fish tank, comes with net, rocks, plant, extra filters, and Beta food. Still works perfectly, needs a good clean though. Lid did end up cracked, but I glued it back together and has held ever since.