Hand Carved Sea Captain about 6" tall & Peg Leg Pirate Figure about 8" tall. Price for both. CROSS POSTED - PLEASE NO COINS
16-1/2" x 11-1/2" Decoupage top not water safe. Can change top to your own design. CROSS POSTED - PLEASE NO COINS
129 TERRACE DR - DEKALB MOVING SALE OPEN HOUSE 12-6 NO HOLDS - SORRY (people tend to not show) Tablecloth $25 Pyrex $15 Corningware $5 Vintage Apron $5 each
Vintage wine aerator. Similar item on eBay is going for $89.99 without chalices. 6 Silver plated wine chalices with wine decanter and stand.
Vintage Picture This is a lovely painting (maybe an oil painting)! This has been stored in a basement for many years, so it will need a little cleaning!