I'm hesitant to post these as they've been stored in totes for years and smell a bit musty - bleach wash is highly recommended. All are in decent condition otherwise. See images below-no holds, first to pickup. Will delete tomorrow at noon if there's no interest.
More coming as I work. Does NOT include buckets/wheelbarrow!! Bring your own buckets/containers. 3220 meadow trail east in Dekalb. Will post when gone.
32 large angle cut blocks, 6 thin cinder blocks, 4 curved and 2 straight edging blocks. All free, you move them. I have them stacked by the driveway for easiest pickup. Contact before picking up so I can move vehicles around.
Slip on bird feeder pole to prevent squirrels from getting to bird seed. I held it in place w rubber band below it. At 3220 meadow trail east in Dekalb. First come first serve. Will post when gone.


I bought these canisters from the Target dollar section a year or two ago, and never got to go back for more when they had them. It is a long shot but I am looking for at least 2 more of them, but I would love more if you have them. Crossing my fingers to hopefully find them
Cleaning out the freezer and pantry. Free to first that can pickup!
Drying out and breaking in 3 areas (damage shown in photos). I don t have the time or will to fix. Husband said a couple of screws & oil should do the trick.