Free couch, very comfortable. Could use a deep clean as I have a toddler and life happens!Free to whoever wants it! Will be put to curb soon.
Couches are FREE / Good shape and condition, first person come, first person pick!!! I'll deliver it to you!!! Text me a private message to details
It s still in decent shape, but in need of two new boards- see the bowing on top. Free & we ll disassemble. Dekalb PU Only comment if you are seriously interested please.
Free stuff, porch pick up, couch, dressers,lamp, storage more pics, if you want it come n get it...couch will be on porch tomorrow/Sunday ... no holds
On the curb at 12752 Williams Rd, Genoa. Free to first person that comes, no holds. Very comfortable, needs the bottom fixed but you can still sit in it.
You can send in a part of the rock and play for a fisher price voucher. I don t need anything else so I am throwing out unless someone wants to send it in.
Couch is a little broken. Chair is good. Needs gone ASAP