2t lot

Girls 2t lot, you can not live without these adorable jeans, all for $3
Aeropostale junior girls 3/4 regular skinny Jean's, excellent condition, super soft and comfortable, $4
Girls size 8 jean bottom summer lot. One pair of so brand capris, one pair of so brand long shorts(to knee length), and one pair of Levi's midi shorts.
LARGE Bag of clothes in nice condition! Can be used for many seasons! Size 4T (some 4 or 5s thrown in that will fit too). WELL Over 15 pairs of long pants (jeans, corduroys, leggings, several pairs of pajamas, also included are multiple tops, sweaters, knitted items for winter and dresses/skirts.
To go with the jean look, these cute easy to slip on summertime shoes are a must. Size 10, well loved by one girl, smoke free home, easy porch pick up off Baseline Road and Route 23 area. See all pics. Bin SB

4/5 Lot

Cute Jean shorts with embroidered flowers, power girls tops and lime green sparkle top(only one with some spots on it). Great play clothes. Smoke free home and easy porch pick up off Baseline Road and Route 23 area, Genoa. Bin SB. See all pics